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Water Towers and Logos
Light Poles
Bullet Propane Tanks
Thermal Coatings
Fire Proof Painting
High Rises
Lead Encapulation
Industrial Pinting
Anti Graffiti 
Residential Painting
Vinyl Wall Covering
Electrostatic Painting
MSHA Certified
Flag Pole Painting
Water Tower Inspections
 Hydro and Sand Blasting
Custom Body Shop


Sand Blasting  and and Coating the inside of Tanks - Water Towers - Silos

We provide Dustless Sand Blasting

Industrial and Commercial Thermal Coatings

           Before   Huge Heat loss                                    After With Paint - New windows - Doors  Calking


Its like adding a R13+ rating to your walls ceilings
& floors Inside and Outside applications

Water Tower Water Tank And Logos  Painting
We also can provide you with Inspections Towers Tanks Underground Tanks Propane Bullet Tanks Underground Tanks - Chemical Tanks
Water Tower Inspections - Full Contaiment Lead Abatment Service


 Pat - 1 - 877-749-5554


Thermal Painting 

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 Cementious Products, Epoxy ,Polyurethane Acrylic Coatings, Concrete,- Mortar,
polymer based, one component,
Epoxy modified cement mortars ,Used as a broadcast floor topping for:-Warehouses,- Cold storage facilities, waterproof exterior coating



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